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• 1/24/2017

Featured Article- February 2017

Alright ya lazy *bleeps*! It's time for the second featured article voting! Sad to say that there aren't many more options that have been added since the last month, so we are gonna stick with just one article. Doesn't matter if it's an ability or character, so put which page really wows you!

I'll close the voting February 5th.
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• 12/31/2016

Featured Article-January 2017

“Happy New Year, ya (bleep)s!” And to help ring in the new year we are going to have our first ever featured article, yo! Because we are still in our infant stage, there are only a handful of article that are close to being complete, we are going to open up this voting to any and all pages here on the wiki! Do you see a favorite ability page that would make you quiver in your boots if you ever came face to face with it? Or perhaps it’s a certain guard or inmate that makes you weak in the knees instead? And ya know what, lets just throw in some of the pages like the rules page and the Nanba Prison page just for grins and giggles! Cast your vote below for your favorite page so far and we will post it up on the main page come January 8th!

If you have any comments or suggestions on how to run this featured article shindig please let me know too! Do you guys like the elite standing of just having one article per month? Or should we switch it up to an ability and a character later on?

Happy Voting!
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