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  • Blackdagger01

    Greetings again fellow inmates, guards, and those of the like it is me here again to bring you the first view of Nanbaka's second season. I apologize ahead of time if this review is a bit short as this weeks episode had little to do with the plot and therefore had a bit less to talk about besides what exactly happened in the episode itself. The season decided to begin on a rather interesting note, leaving the plot behind for a bit to remind us that despite how dreary and somewhat dark the last few episodes have been, Nanbaka is indeed a comedy anime. This episode follows our large cast of characters as they go about their daily lives, Jyugo seeming to have completely forgotten about Elf's threat. The episode contains several short skits th…

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  • Blackdagger01

    Good day inmates and prison guards alike. It's everyone's least favorite admin here to take over for Nearó while he's away for the time being. My reviewing style will be a bit different so forgive me if it is not to your liking. This episode of Nanbaka is the last we'll see this season, ending the first season on a somewhat vague note that once again leaves us with more questions than answers, gifting us pieces to the puzzle that don't quite fit together right just yet.

    As stated above, we're still left with several pieces that don't quite fit together just yet. In this episode, we learn that Jyugo's name may have more meaning than previously thought as well as that there is something much darker lurking in both the future and the past for …

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