As the title indicates, this blog is to discuss requirements agreed upon by the admins for a user to make a warden of a prison. Now these requirements are in place due to the overwhelming power that wardens have within a prison, and although it has yet to be shown, the great strength that they possess. This is also here so that the site isn't overrun with wardens, with very little guards or inmates.


When submitting a character for admin approval, the admins will grade it according to how well it meets these criteria, each criteria being worth 5 points, and give it an overall score. If it receives an 85% or higher, one of the admins will contact the user to say that they have been approved to become a warden.

  1. The character must receive admin approval.
  2. The user must have at least a week of editing, along with one complete character with very few grammatical, spelling, and syntax errors.
  3. The character must be over the age of 21, to allow for an adequate time to attain the position, as well as accumulate a baseline of prodigious talent.
  4. Wardens will typically be free of any criminal record. This is not required, but if they do have a criminal record, they must clearly show signs of reformation, and not have the potential of reverting back to their criminal ways.
  5. They have a great deal of talent in a selection of weaponry or in the sense of overwhelming abilities. As the warden they need to be powerful enough to keep their guards in line, as well as detain any inmates that slip past the guards.
  6. Ideally they would have a service record within prisons, military, or other notable industries that would give the character ample leadership experience.
  7. They must have an overwhelming ability to command respect from both guards and inmates alike.
  8. Ideally wardens will have personalities that make them flexible, resourceful, tenacious, good negotiators, and highly adept at problem solving.
  9. Ideally they would have a degree in higher education, with an emphasis in topics such as criminal justice, criminal psychology, criminology, corrections management, or similar topics. But skillful intelligence and knowledge of the judicial system and correction theories in prisons is essential.

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